FECPL endures daily towards shifting human needs to be contented by solar energy. If everybody initiates integrating the solar energy even a bit in their lives, we can give reprieve to the earth and can equilibrium the atmosphere towards global warming. Our mission is infinite of bringing a solar revolution by switching the mode of energy towards the solar.


Envisaging Farmson as a leading brand of solar products meant for all the age groups and all the sectors of your life. Be it domestic, industrial or institutional.

CEO's Message

The Current Era is all about awareness. We feel very excited whenever our clients/customers ask us the macro technical specifications about our products. These all curiosity factors and the concern for returns on investment and care for the family awaken us to keep on innovations in our manufacturing plant.
We always focus towards introducing affordable solar products along with premium quality. It’s nothing new to say but we do insist it in our implementations. Our installed solar water heaters are evidence for it.
The time is to strike and ask us as how you can save money & on other hand environment.
Let’s be a solar family.
- Kaival Patel


Its high-time, SOS!!! We don’t directly mean to “Save Our Souls” through SOS, we mean to act now to “Switch On Solar”. Farmson Enviro Care has been an institution caring for environment by manufacturing efficient solar products since the year 1999.
Solar Power is in no means a compromising energy than Electricity, if used and considered acutely. It earns for you back very well. Our customers are feeling happier year by year with the quality of parts we use and the zero maintenance performance delivered by our products. Be it a housewife, Hotel Manager, Industrialist or an institution owner. Happiness shines with the sun-rays everywhere.
Farmson Enviro Care Private Limited (FECPL) has been ISO 9001:2008 certified and has been approved by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, India. We have a manufacturing plant based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India with advanced machines & a well-synchronized team of analysts & researchers, which has been always keen to explore new technologies & ways across the world to utilize, conserve, reserve and serve the solar energy to fulfill human’s daily domestic & industrial needs. As a responsible management team and environment contributors, we always endeavor towards providing complete effective and efficient solar solutions towards the need of humanity.
We’ve been always thankful to all the house-makers and to our beloved Industrial clients, who have integrated the power of solar and have been gaining for last many years. If you’re an industrialist or an institution owner, don’t be later than today to invest in Solar systems. It’s an assurance for the best Return of Investments (ROI), you can ever get and contributing back to the environment on other hand.
Water Heater, Water Pumps, Garden lights, Street lights, Fans, Computers, TVs, Fence Security System, all of them can be driven well with solar energy with us.
Mr. Sun comes up daily, it’s just we’ve to insert our requirement plug in it through Solar Panels and lets save some money, fuel and trees for our children. Let’s be a solar family and make an atmosphere of perseverance for it.

SolaRising Lives…