Necessity is the mother of innovation and technology is the brother of innovation. It’s been that our one of the co-founder – Mr. Vishnu Patel has invested his two decades just to develop and keep up the pace of technology integration within our products and manufacturing progression.

The efficiency of our products is elaborated through our creation of systems and its installations along with our post-sale services.

Our Involvement in various exhibitions and international trade-shows keeps us aware and lets us bring multiple micro-innovations in our subject leading to efficient performances.

You would find interesting practices happening at our manufacturing unit including quality-testing and insulating process.

Our technology refers to the usage of optimum elements, its electrical configurations, efficient output on the way of conversion of solar energy into various energy and utmost important as how a new need can be fulfilled through solar energy.

Technology integrated with quality brings us the ISO 9001:2008 Certification and an approval from “Ministry of New & Renewable Energy”,India.