Solar Street Light

Street Light


     >     Most suitable where there is frequent power failure or no grid power
     >     Ideal for Remote Area, Village, Farm, Institute.
     >     Useful for Resort, Warehouse area, Ports, Army Camp.
     >     Pathways and Roads.

   Product Features

     >     Available in "CFL" & "LED" Luminous.
     >     Electric cable laying expenses saved.
     >     Low Maintenance, Long life "SMF" battery or tubular flooded battery.
     >     Autonomy for operation during non-sunny days.
     >     Easy to install & maintain.
     >     Standalone system.
     >     Also can be supplied without pole for export requirement with
     >     drawings and pole details.
     >     Automatic dusk to dawn operation.
     >     Battery box can be installed on top side of pole to prevent theft.

   Technical Features

     >     Consisted of Solar Panel, Luminous with charge controller battery,
            battery box, poll and cable.
     >     High efficiency crystalline "IEC"/ "MNRE" certified solar module.
     >     Weather-proof Components.
     >     Range of Solar Systems
     >     Water Heater
     >     Power Pack
     >     Solar Security System
     >     Water Pumps
     >     Lantern
     >     Garden Light