>   One Time Investment
   >   Maintenance Free
   >   No recurring expenses like Electricity, Gas, Diesel, Ldo, etc.
   >   Economical, Cost Saving & Environment Friendly
   >   No Disruption in Hot Water Supply due to Power Cut
   >   PAYBACK Period of Around 3 Years

Water Heater

         FARMSON ENVIRO CARE is successfully manufacturing Solar Water Heaters since the year 1999. It has always kept the pace with current technology within its solar systems. Hence, after so many years of hard work and efforts it has succeeded in competing the International market with a capacity of manufacturing more than 5 Million Liters Per Annum. FARMSON ENVIRO CARE is specialized in manufacturing solar water heater systems from 150 liters to 15,000 liters & more capacity. It creates the Water heaters, which are welcomed in Residences, Institutes, Hotels, Hostel, Industries and Dairies etc.

         FARMSON ENVIRO CARE has three different products in the solar water heater segment i.e. Farmson Premier, Farmson Eco & Farmson Custom.

          1. FARMSON PREMIER :

          Farmson Premier is a highline product of Farmson family. It's made of specific high quality materials. It is the highest selling product in the International market, well known for its splendid design and durability. This system is generally used for domestic purpose in Bungalows, Farm House, Hotels etc. Farmson Premier consists of Copper Tank, High Quality Evacuated Tube Collectors or High Quality Flat Plate Collectors with Electric back-up. It is very compatible at places with pressure pump as well as at places without pressure pumps.

          2. FARMSON ECO :

          Farmson Eco is a mass selling product in the domestic market. It is well known for its cost efficiency & good output. Farmson Eco consists of MS Tank; Three Layers Evacuated Tube Collectors or Copper-Fins, Flat Plate Collectors with Electric Back-up. It is equally compatible at places with pressure pump as well as at places without pressure pump.

          3. FARMSON CUSTOM :

          Farmson Custom is a customized product; it is generally used in commercial places like Institutes, Hotels, Hostels, Industries etc. This range is very popular in European, South African, Gulf & Indian Market due to its flexibility and adaptation skills towards the need of customer. In Farmson Custom we manufacture the system according to the client's requirements & technical specifications. The Inner Tank can be made from different materials like Copper, MS, Galvanized, SS, etc. Thermo Siphon Direct Heating & Indirect Heating Jacket System can also be provided.


       >     Residential B'lows
       >     Residential Flats & Appartments
       >     Staff Quarters
       >     Hostels & Canteens
       >     Hotels, Clubs & Resorts
       >     Spa & Salons
       >     Hospitals
       >     Milk Dairies
       >     Heated Swimming Pools
       >     Industrial Applications
       >     Pre-Heating of Boiler Feed Water
       >     Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry
       >     Recirculation of Hot Water in Process
       >     Textile Industry
       >     Paper Industry
       >     Laundry