FPC Solar Water Heater - Most Efficient and Highly Durable Solar Product

Farmson Enviro Care (FEC) is a one of the leading solar product manufacturing company in India offers a range of high quality solar products and approved by MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) and certified as an ISO 9001:2015 company. We manufacture all types of solar water heater system which includes FPC Solar Water system with different capacities according to the specific requirement of customers. We offer customized solar solution in order to meet needs of customers from different industry.

Uses and Advantages of Our FPC Solar Water Heater

FPC (Flat Plate Collectors) Solar Water Heater is an eco-friendly solution and applicable for household, commercial and industrial purposes. Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy that significantly reduces your electricity bills. FPC solar heaters are best applicable where evacuated tubes are not suitable.

FPC Solar Water Heaters can be installed on the following:

  • Individual Houses
  • Apartments/Housing Colony
  • Hotels & Resort
  • Government/Private Hostels
  • Luxuries Bungalows/Villas/Farm Houses
  • Hospitals
  • Dairy, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals and other industries
  • Military Barracks & Cantonment
  • Swimming Pools/ Clubs

Benefits of FPC Solar Water Heaters.

  • Thermosiphon & Forced Circulation Systems
  • Custom - made design to suit specific applications
  • BIS Approved Copper Collector
  • No Clogging & Choking
  • Save your Electricity Bill, significantly
  • Eco Friendly
  • Long-lasting, Best in Performance and Low Maintenance
  • Superior Conductivity heats water, also suitable for cloudy weather
  • Non -Corrosive

At Farmson, we always deliver best quality solar products to our customers that precisely meet their bespoke needs. We also ensure on-time product delivery with best services and support to our customers. For more information or product inquiry, write us at info@farmsonsolar.com

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