Off-Grid Solar Rooftop from Farmson Enviro Care

Farmson Enviro Care (FEC) is a prominent solar product manufacturing company in India offers a range of best quality solar products. Our Off-Grid Solar Roof Top System is most suitable for places where frequent problem of a power cut or failure or places where no reach of electricity. It is a very powerful system that can supply eco-friendly and reliable solar energy even in the diverse climate conditions. Once installed, our system can supply the power without any need of the grid power all over the year. We used the best quality components and equipments to supply top quality solar products which are very reliable and long-lasting.

Uses and Advantages of Off Grid Solar Roof Top

Our Off Grid Solar Roof Top can easily install on any building, small houses, commercial building, bungalows, government sectors, farm houses, education institutes, warehouses and industrial buildings. It is best for isolated places in the villages where no power supply or power cut problems.

Advantages of Off Grid Solar Roof Top

  • Can Install on the terrace/roof of the building easily.
  • No need of electricity/Nullify Your Electricity Expenses.
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain.
  • Long-lasting, best in quality and performance.
  • Cost-effective, environment-friendly.

Off-Grid Solar Rooftop System – Best in Quality & Performance, Highly Durable.

Off Grid Solar Roof Top working using Solar panels, inverter, Charge Controller, AC & DC Distribution Box, MCB and SGP (Surge Protection Device). With the help of Solar PV panels, it creates DC power which converts into AC power using a converter. This AC power generated through inverter can be directly used to power your appliances in your home. Additional power supply can be store into the battery. Thus, you don’t need any extra electricity for power supply. At, Farmson Enviro Care (FEC), we offer best quality products with consistent services and support to our customers. For more information or to buy our Off Grid Solar RoofTop system, write us at

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