On-Grid Solar Rooftop System – Generate Own Electricity in an Eco-friendly and Cost-efficient

As one of the leading solar product manufacturing company in India, Farmson Enviro Care (FEC) offers cost-efficient and long-lasting On-Grid Solar Rooftop System with unmatched benefits. With emphasis on the utilization of solar products for industrial and domestic applications by the Indian Government, at FEC, we strive to deliver highly durable and top quality solar products to customers.

Use and Advantages of On-Grid Solar Rooftop System

On Grid Solar Roof Top System, It can be easily installed on residential, institutional, commercial, industrial or any other buildings etc. On-Grid solar rooftop system generates electricity and connected with the utility grid consists of Solar Panels, a power conditioning unit, inverters, and grid connection equipment.

Useful for following:

  • Government/Private Organizations
  • School/College Institutes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Housing Societies/Bungalows
  • Hotels/Restaurant/Supermall Building


  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Eco-friendly, generates clean energy
  • Best in Quality and Standards
  • Easy to install
  • Trouble-free maintenance
  • Cost-effective, Long-lasting and reliable

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