Powerful Solar Home Light System Illuminates Your Place Using Renewable Solar Energy

Farmson Enviro Care (FEC) is a pioneer solar product manufacturing company in India offers most economical and highly durable Solar Home Light System to light your offices and homes. Our Solar Home Light System powers your home using environment-friendly solar energy. This system converts the solar energy into the electricity which is stored in the battery to power small appliances in your home such as lights and fan or charge mobile phones.

Uses and Advantages of Solar Home Light System

Our Solar Home Light System comprises several unmatched features and very useful in rural areas and villages having electricity problems. It is compact and easily mountable to

  • In Balcony, Passages of homes, villas, Bungalows, farm houses
  • For homes in Rural areas, Villages or isolated places
  • Resorts, Houses, Hotels

It can use by any home looking for eco-friendly solution and reduce electricity expenses for their home or workplace.

Advantage of Solar Home Light System

  • Led Indications
  • Battery Status & Protection Functions
  • Micro Controller Based Maximum Power Point Tracking technology increase the charging efficiency
  • Eco-friendly Power Back-up System helps in drive DC LED loads and mobile Charging Unit
  • Most economical, compact and easy to install

Solar Home Light System – Most Affordable, Compact and Durable

Our Solar Home Light System is specifically designs to use for domestic application. Its main components comprise a Solar PV module, battery, charge controller, and lighting system. Its Solar PV module can be easily installed on an open terrace or roof having exposure to sunlight and the battery and charge controller unit need to keep in the home in a protected place.

For more information or for our Solar Home Light System, write us at info@farmsonenvirocare.com.

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